Alexandra were the first primary school in North Wales to be awarded the BECTA mark of quality for ICT, and will be renewing this award in the coming year. We have a wide array of technology in school but focus mainly on Apple kit. We have 8 iMacs, 10 Macbook Pros, 7 Macbooks and now have 65 iPads. This comprehensive set up has been established over the past 5 years. We feel now we are ready to embrace IPads with all the children, as well as staff. Each member of staff has an iPad each to use as a teaching tool, with the ability to connect them to the whiteboard. We have 20 iPads in Key Stage 1 and a set of 30 in Key Stage 2 that will remain with a class for extended periods of time.

Personally I have been seconded to LEA as ICT advisor for the Primary Sector. In this role I have been required to support many schools as they purchase and implement iPads with their children. This experience has allowed me to build up a set of resources that I hope to share through this blog. I will also be learning from Casllwchwr as they embark on their iPad journey. I hope that from this blog you can find lots of useful information and resources, that will impact upon the children you have at your school.

Mike Elliott

Wrexham LEA/Alexandra CP Wrexham


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