So when you first start out with iPad and using them in your classroom, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s not possible to get your iPad image onto the whiteboard for all the class to see. Fortunately it is. There are few ways you can get the image up larger for all to see. Hopefully this post will help.

1. Easy way…

Buy an Apple iPad to VGA cable.( see one here) Attach this adapter to your VGA cable that comes out from your projector and the image should then appear on your screen. You may need to change the source on your projector remote if nothing happens. To get audio, you then need to plug in the mini jack cable that comes from your whiteboard into you iPad.

2. The not so easy, but the not really tough way…

You can buy Apple TV. (see here – don’t buy from Apple or Simply Electronics by the way) – What you need here though is an HDMI projector. You plug the Apple TV into your projector using the HDMI cable (that you have to buy, doesn’t come with Apple TV, don’t buy expensive see here) However, lots of projectors won’t give you audio, so you have a nice picture but no audio. So…

3. Tricky method, follow carefully…

Buy this (see here).

This allows you to use your Apple TV with a standard def projector. Plug your VGA cable (from your projector) into the socket on the little box, plug in your mini jack audio cable to the little box, then plug the HDMI cable from the little box into your Apple TV. Obviously  then switch everything on, and you should then be able to see your iPad image on your screen with audio too. This also then gives you the benefit of being able to walk around with your iPad, and not being tied down with the cable from step 1.

Don’t forget with Apple TV, on your iPad you need to tap the AirPlay button to send the image to the Apple TV.




4. The ultimate method…

Buy a huge TV… and Apple TV… set them both up and away you go. if you need more on this one, let me know.


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