Well, we are into Week 2 and I have to say that the opportunities the individual iPads have allowed for my whole class have been endless. I have begun training my digital leaders for my new class. (In my own mind, they are all digital leaders as they teach me things daily: being natural investigators. This is what a 21st Century teacher needs to accept. We are going to learn WITH the children – and they WILL lead the learning- which is how it should be.)

Homework went out on Monday and I chose 4 children. Two explained Maths homework and two worked collaboratively to plan their script for their explanation of their Literacy work. They only had half an hour to do this and I have to say, they were really good efforts for  first attempts. They used the screen casting app ‘Show me’ to do this.

SHOW me is a free app on the iPad. Its URL is:  www.showme.com. Basically, you create an account on the iPad app and then share the created ‘show me’. This then uploads to the showme website which can be accessed on a PC or Mac. There are many other examples on there which may well be worth a look. I then copied the embedding code by clicking ‘edit my showmes’ and then paste that into our class blog on our school website. Click the link to take you to my Casllwchwr Year 5 page example:


Last year, I aimed to get all of my class using ShowMe, to explain new strategies and the homework. I have found that this has been so useful for those children who need instructions reiterated. I have also used this app myself, by pre-recording for example, a maths activity for differentiated work. Another wonderful screen casting app for teachers is ‘Explain Everything’ which allows the many prepared power points we have collected over the years, to be inserted into the app and each pp slide, comes up as a separate slide in ‘Explain Everything’. On each slide, I can then screen cast and once completed, the whole project can be exported as a movie. Its a wonderful way to allow for further differentiation and promotion of inclusion where some children need to see a presentation again and have it explained even further..

This week has also allowed me to have fun with my new class. Children wrote a little autobiography on their first day for me. I then decided that we were going to have fun with words and use new apps for this year group at the same time. I got the children to listen to ‘The Michael Rosen Rap’ (which I saved onto my iPad using iCabMobile from Youtube) and then we talked about rhyming and changing some of the poem with their own words. I just wanted the children to have fun with literacy – and it really worked. They loved it. They then recorded their raps using FOTOBABBLE (e-safety talk meant that the children cropped a photograph of their face: eyes/nose- as their rap disclosed their names. They know we don’t name their images on our school blogs) I created a class account on fotobabble. This app then shares with the fotobabble website, which the children, when selecting their fotobabbles, could then create a QR code linking to their fotobabble’s URL . The children decided they would then want these QR codes printed out and made into our class learning wall. It was voted an ‘Ask Angry Birds’ Learning Wall- where children learn how to be Resilient, Resourceful, Reciprocal and Reflective. The wall tells them where to go and what to do if they are stuck in different learning situations. I am just amazed how they are thinking how these devices and work completed can make wall displays come alive- and it all came from them! Hope to post a photo soon.

If you are interested in hearing their FUN raps- the link to our class blog is below!



Written & Posted by Sarah Reece (e-learning Manager and Assistant Head)


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