Have had another amazing week in school. I am finding that the tasks that would normally take longer to do- are far quicker and allow for all children to finish and not have to wait (especially now that they have their own iPads and do not have to share two pupils to a PC)

The ‘Show Me’ app has had a recent update. It now allows teachers to create class accounts for their pupils. If they did not have this, they would have to sign in via email. This is particularly important for us at the moment, ( we are teaching the children a lot about e-afety and taking our time – we have to get this right being a 1-1 school) because we have restricted the ability to send and recieve emails on the devices. The ability to email will be taught to the whole class progressing from last year and we shall be doing a lot of work on cyber bullying and personal safety. I signed into my own class account using ‘Show Me’ and clicked the top left green button (people to follow):

Then another box comes up and you click ‘Create a student account’:

Once you have tapped on ‘create a student account it will ask you to enter the student’s names. (I only inserted their initials- all that is really needed!)

Once the individual student accounts are created, then an email is sent directly to the teacher. The great thing is, that the student user name and password, once sent via email is a mixture of letters (both cases) and numbers- so the pupils would not remember them. I wanted this as primary teacher, because I want them to only create show mes in school under my supervision, and not to access at home. I will then upload to the class blog for homework and strategy tutorials because I have all their individual user names and passwords. I am excited for next week- so watch this space.

Other items on the agenda for next week…
We have just made our Year 5 role play corner to practise scenarios from the coal mine! I am going to get the children to use photos of Victorian coal miners and the speak the Welsh vocabulary into fotobabble and then get the children to create QR codes for the fotobabble URLs. (I may even use ‘audioboo’ which also is a way to save and llink to created audi files.) Once done, the QR codes may be printed out and children may use their devices to scan the codes and hear the Welsh vocabulary to help them with any Welsh role plays they will do. Bilingualism promoted!

Another thing we are doing at Casllwchwr, is ensuring each junior child has their own Welsh dictionary. This was an idea by our Welsh co-ordinator, Laura Williams. She is also Year 3 teacher. We use ‘Book Creator’ regularly in the classes as it is so easy to share the created books via iFiles. We are going to get the children to create their own Welsh dictionary and use audio too to help the pronunciation of some words. Children can then save this created book on their bookshelf in iBooks. I think I may take my Y5s even further and leave the leading of learning up to them- present them with the different patterns and then let them create their book- hoping some may even role play the question formats in video format and insert those videos alongside the text. This can then be reffered to as often as they would like in iBooks.

Another thing I have also done this week, is uploaded a variety of photos into iPhoto on my Mac. I have turned on Home Sharing and the album I want the children to have regular exposure to (i.e. Victorian still images) will then play continuously once my apple TV goes into screen saving mode. Getting the children to regularly see these pictures if they look up from their work, still ensures they are learning and not just sitting there- waiting. This could also be done with pictures of vocabulary or even important dates!

Exciting times!I will let you know how it goes. Watch this space…

Posted by Sarah Reece
Assistant Head and E-learning Manager at Casllwchwr Primary School.


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