Okay so the journey of Alexandra and the year 5 one to one iPad 2 deployment begins today. We’ve had iPads in school for a few years now (It’s still crazy to think that no one in the world owns an iPad more than 3 years old), but we have purchased more this year to start one to one.

They are going into the Year 5 class, as the Year 6 teacher wasn’t keen to start with (added pressure of year 6 and all). Also the Year 5 teacher was very confident in using the iPad to support learning. This is a key point for me: We can often seem like it’s iPad iPad iPad!!! Rant, rave and use nothing else but iPad. This is so wrong and should not be the case. The iPad should be used to support what is already happening in the classroom and support the learning that already takes place. Then you will find that tasks get quicker, and then maybe new and innovative things start to happen.

There is definitely still a place for paper and pen, and a time to push the iPad away (gently) and do something else. However using iPad has so many benefits and allows teachers and pupils to do things they could not have done so easily and quickly before. I will post eventually how to use iPads to inspire writing as an example.

So this week, the Year 5 teacher will be giving the iPads to the children. Gift wrapped and say here’s your iPad. This gives ownership straight away.The children will then be renaming the iPad in the settings, and getting to know general features and tips and tricks.

They will use Comic Life to create a poster on the rules (guidelines) when using iPad. An alternative here could be then Strip Design app. The children will also use Explain Everything to create a colourful image including their name, screen shot or export as a image to the camera roll and use this as the background and lock screen image. This again brings that individual nature to the iPad. A child who just has the ‘number 2’ iPad wont have that same love and care for it as the iPad they have named and personalised.

Then on Friday when I’m in the class with the class teacher, we will look at using Dropbox for saving files and distributing resources between the iPads.

And then hopefully our storage will arrive too….

I’ll post again with the result of the first week
Mike Elliott (@ikeontoast)

ICT advisor for Wrexham and Alexandra School ICT Leader


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