Last week saw my class create wonderful pieces of work. I am thrilled! They all decided to bring their written work alive and choose different applications to present. Initially we had done an ‘ideas walk’ about Queen Victoria. (this is where you get the children to access their prior knowledge and walk around the different areas of the classroom silently, examining carefully chosen pictures about Queen Victoria and her life.) In Swansea, this is one of our 8 reading behaviours and the children practise this accessing prior knowledge cross curricularly.

Once this ideas walk was done, we all came together to learn about Queen Victoria. I use ‘symbaloo’ to bookmark websites for the children. There is now an app for this. We also use Kidclicks (a safer search engine for the children) to allow the children to access the internet at the moment. I also use  the app: ‘iTube List’. This initially is free but an in app puchase is available, where we as teachers can create playlists from YouTube for the children. I created a Horrible Histories Playlist about the Victorians. The songs and episodes can be played to enhance learning further. I was really surprised that one of my children remembered some facts about the Queen from a Horrible History song I had played about Queen Victoria and Albert at the end of the previouos day.It just goes to show- if we can engage through these fun and exciting ways, we can maximise learning potential at all times! The children did some research about Queen Victoria using books and symbaloo and my presentation about her. They then made notes on their iPads using a preferred app. Some used ‘Floaty memo’, some used ‘Notes’ ; some used ‘Pages’ and some used ‘Moxier collage’. the children then used these notes to write a historical report about Queen Victoria.

Once completed, the children were allowed to pick an app (or multi-app) to present and enhance their work. Children chose themselves. We had a range of apps to present understanding:

Book Creator, Keynote, Wordfoto with moxier collage (key words summarised on wordfoto about the Queen ) Show Me (screen casting understanding about the Queen) TypeDrawing, Pow Strip Designer, Pages, Garageband (podcasting) QR codes linking to information and  Puppet pals were chosen.

I also showed some of my digital leaders the ‘Morfo booth’ app which allowed the children to choose a photo of Queen Victoria through her life and animate it and record with it. The children were then able to use this saved movie from their camera roll and import it into other apps like book creator and/or keynote. Adding a further multi modal element. So exciting!

Take a look at out class blog to see the work:


There are lots of other pieces that I shall add very soon. The fact that the children chose their outcomes was fantastic but even more so, was the evidence of the children  who are normally very shy, choose an app like puppet pals and act out scenes illustrating the Queen’s life. It was even commented on by my TA who remarked that one child in particular is really developing her Oracy skills using apps like these and developing confidence. I am finding that through the airplaying of their work to the APPLE TV- which they all can do, the reinforcement for some children finding facts hard to retain is also aiding the children’s learning. Fantastic!

Other things I have done are to password protect each year group’s Apple TVs. This is fantastic as it means my class can only send to our Apple TV and not another year groups. Similarly, we cannot receive interruptions from others  (unless they know our TVs password) This is great in a 1-1 school as accidents can happen and wrong TVs can be mirrored to accidentally.

iFiles has been explored greatly by my class this week. I LOVE this application as it allows you to share audio, movie and image via bluetooth in the class. The children may have different collected images from their friends and reciprocally can ask to have an image from their friend’s ipad bluetoothed to them via this app- brilliant! With iOS 6, (the recent update) Pages and keynote also allow you to ‘choose an app’ to share the documents with. One of the options is ifiles (if you have it installed) so allowing the easy transfer of completed work.

One thing that my Head has in place at Casllwchwr is a DEVELOPING LEADERS PROGRAMME. This is allowing all members of staff to develop and contribute in their own way to our whole school improvements. It initially was my Head, Simon and myself giving talks about the iPad and Teaching and Learning along with strategic planning and management (over the last two years) but I am pleased that other members of staff are now also coming with us and will be talking about their experiences. It is exciting! Rachel smith and Gemma Miller are now responsible for the Media Club I initially started. They are also mentoring pupils from Seaview Primary. The work they will be doing is so exciting. Also, Laura Williams, our Year 3 teacher is making wonderful contributions. Last week, she showed how Doodle buddy could be used effectively in a Maths Lesson:


Laura had shared the PDF with all her pupils and they opened the image in Doodle Buddy- completing their work on Place Value. She will then get the children to save their work into Book Creator. The children will then eventually have their own ebooks for maths, literacy and project evidence. This is a great way for teachers to collect evidence! and for the evidence to be shared with the teacher!

Proud to be working at such an innovative school- with ALL on board and all enthusiastic about sharing ideas with one another!

Posted by Sarah Reece

Assistant Head and E-Learning Manager at Casllwchwr


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