So… sorry if you thought you were getting an iPad version of 50 shades of grey… this is actually about the rather cool little feature on iPhone called Personal Hotspot. I always knew it was there and what it did but realised how useful it can be the other day when presenting in a school 35 minutes from where I left my Apple router… oops!

So I set up, plugged in and sorted out Apple TV, and went to my iPad to turn on AirPlay, and suddenly remembered the school I was in didn’t have wireless, so my iPad wouldn’t pick up the network that the Apple TV was on. And I’d left my Apple router that I normally bring to these things, in the office.

From somewhere I had an epiphany! Personal Hotspot… I realise this isn’t really that exciting, but when you have around 30 people waiting to see you, and only you, demo iPad, and you think you’e going to have explain that you the ICT guy can’t get Apple TV to work, finding a solution is very exciting indeed.

If you go to the ‘settings’ on your iPhone and tap on Personal Hotspot, you can switch it on. It will show you a password that you will need later. What it then does is create a wifi network all of your own. You can connect any other internet enabled device to it (using your password) and use them just as you would with a standard wifi network. For me, I connected Apple TV to it, then my iPad to it, and hey presto, my iPad was now showing through Apple TV, and my audience of 30 were none the wiser (until I told them of course, I was very proud of myself)

The only thing to remember that Personal Hotspot uses your data allowance as part of your contract, and uses it well, I might add. I wouldn’t go round offering your Personal Hotspot to just anyone…

Mike @ikeontoast


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