Okay so i’m not even going to bother talk about whether iPad is good or not. That’s just a silly debate now. However I think we do need to talk about ‘iPad – Jump in?’

Not whether you jump in and go with iPad, but more how far do you jump in, when you’ve jumped. Do you take a little two footed jump from standing still, or do you take a long run up and launch yourself into the iPad world, not really worrying how you land, only concerned with reaching as far as you can.

Training people on iPad is a funny thing. Some people look like you’ve just placed a gold bar in front of them, They pick it up as if it’s a newborn baby, and impatiently wait for you to get started (we start late most often because teachers can be the rudest audience ever) Other people have quite a different response: they look at it as if it’s some sort of chemical weapon, and if they press that home button it may just be that step too far and booooom it explodes in their face. Although this is a challenge for me as a presenter/trainer to overcome (much like teaching children of different abilities) I find it’s more of a challenge for the school and the teachers within it.

We all know (or should) that initiatives in school work better when everyone gets on board and moves forward together. However when you see the reaction of some teachers you know this may be tough for the school to achieve. A great man I know (Simon Pridham – don’t tell him I called him great) once said that we can’t use ‘i’m not very good with ICT/technology’ as an excuse anymore. For me, and I know Simon will agree, that would be like saying ‘I’m not very good at assessment’ or ‘I’m just not into Literacy’, and then not doing them. We can’t get away with not jumping in anymore. Our children need us to jump in, they jumped in ages ago, the jumping part was last year for them, and lots of teachers are still cowering in the corner, looking a little scared and wondering if the jump will hurt them.


We have to jump in and we have to jump in properly. Using iPad for dictionary work, angry birds and a bit of internet research isn’t jumping in, jumping in is taking a long hard look at the curriculum and looking how iPad can enhance and support it.

So go on, jump in, you might just find lots of kids waiting for you, desperate to welcome you into the world of digital technology and iPad.


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