At Casllwchwr, we have a policy where we promote reciprocality through our 4Rs. Every class has a learning wall based upon: Being Resourceful, Reciprocal, Reflective and Resilient. The children all design their learning walls and we have buddy banks where children can ask a friend within a subject / area prior to going to a teacher for advice. We aim to mirror life situations and we find that providing our children with these coping strategies, indeed mirrors situations in the real world. Also appearing on the learning walls, are fix up strategies to guide through steps of learning.

We have been our mobile device journey for two years now and have been so proud that we introduced digital leaders in the buddy bank. Our digital leaders have attended conferences with us for the last year and a half and in that time we have delivered many digital days for other colleagues in different counties and places to attend. These digital leaders have also created many tutorials for other, younger learners within the school and are adept at using the ‘Reflection’ program on the mac. They mirror their iPads through ‘Reflection’ and then use Quickjtime to record the screen as they speak. This has really developed their Oracy skills and we are so proud of them.
Theatr Na N’Og came into work with Casllwchwr because they attended a digital day last year and were thrilled to see how it was being implemented to enhance writing and support other subjects. It was particularly important for us to show how we use the devices as ‘content creators’ and how multi modal literacy may be developed. Due to our work with Theatr Na N’Og, we were able to create a ‘Digital pack’ for schools to use with suggested activities linked to the Ghost of Morfa Colliery. We were very proud!

Below are some of the Tutorials for apps that were also created by our Digital Leaders for others to use which we added to the digital Learning Pack for Theatr Na N’Og.

How to Use Explain Everything

How to use Book Creator and iFiles

We have added these onto this blog so that it may help others and as the Beatles sang: ‘…get by with a little help from my friends.’


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