During the week of November 5th, I was able to take my whole class to Scotland to visit Cedars for the second time. I have to say, it was the reason we decided to go along the iPad route and knew that we wanted to go 1-1.

We flew to Scotland of or this week-long residential and were met by Andrew Jewell (ADE) an amazing teacher at the school. This  took the collaboration between our two schools to an even greater level. Children were all mixed together and stayed in those groups of learning for the whole week.

Activities included trips to Glasgow Green to observe the fireworks from which multi modal poetry evolved. This was achieved with audio and book creator. Within my class, we have digital books, where work is continuously added.  Another thing we had the chance to do, was create scrapbooks on Book Creator.  The two schools are the first in the world to use template created for us by the app developer and we were honoured to be able to collaboratively work on these.

Other activities involved visits to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery. all of the children had images of famous works of art and had to use the device to capture information about the pieces of work and Moxier Collage was used for this. It looked very effective.

A visit to the Transport Museum ( experiments and all) really illustrated now our children can multi app so well to show their understanding. Art Rage captured and dropped into iMovie with audio and text about exhibits was so interesting to watch. The children are so comfortable doing this.

One of the favourite things that the children had the opportunity to do was to have an art lesson with Jenny Oakley (ADE). Jenny is inspiring and through the use of layering on Artrage, the children’s creativity was brought to life! I quickly realised how this could also be used for displaying poetry and for stimulating writing. Once their own canvases are layered behind the framed chosen picture, this could then be saved to the camera roll and imported into typed drawing. It could support any topic and I can’t wait to use it next week with my class.  To see some of the children’s work for the week in Scotland, please visit our year 5 class blog page: http://www.casllwchwrprimary.com/year5/

One app that I could not have been without during our trip to Scotland, is AUDIOBOO. it was quick and easy to use and allowed the children to send short messages about their learning and the trip to their parents. I had so many thank yous from parents who felt that this increased communication was amazing on a trip like that. I often use AUDIOBOO in class to bring displays alive. I get my pupils to record facts that they have discovered in research lessons and then children create QR codes linking to that URL address. We print the QR code out and stick it onto the class display. That way, children are able to use the QR code scanners to scan the code and hear what their peers have said.


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