At Alexandra we are taking baby steps towards fully implementing iPad in school. Most recently we have assigned an iPad to all class teachers. This was tricky as lots of staff members were familiar with iPad but there were a considerable number who have had no experience with iPad at all.

Initially we all got together and set up each iPad using the teachers school email addresses for iTunes. Again this is fun as not everybody knew that email address. iTunes also sometimes will prevent you from signing up if you’re all using the same IP address. Therefore I had to take some of the iPads home & sign up on the teachers behalf.

Eventually, we got everyone with an iTunes account (after some teachers remembered their passwords) we then ordered £15 iTunes vouchers each for the staff

I suggested (or told) the teachers they needed to download Explain Everything, Book Creator and iMovie as the paid apps.

We did recommend some free ones like Epic citadel, Brushes 3, and Dropbox of course. Staff are then allowed to research and buy apps that they see as worthwhile for their class. What we will be doing in the new year is asking members of staff on the rota basis to show the rest of the staff a particular app that they feel has impacted on learning in the classroom. This will also take away the emphasis of it being me who always talks about iPads.

So that’s where we are with the teachers, we have a training day in January, where I will be showing teachers how to use explain everything, as well as reminding some people how to turn them on

The children are doing really well digital leaders is taking off well with year six children they come down to the year2s every Friday with me and help year 2 use various apps like explain everything, iMovie and Book creator.

The children love digital leaders, they look forward to it every week. And their skills on the iPad continue to amaze me they will be coming in on the January training day to help the staff with using explain everything. Having children demonstrating how to use iPad is also clever because it shows those reluctant staff that they need to raise their game.

The skills of the year two children amaze me as well. Last week children were creating keynote advent calendars, with transitions and images off the Internet.

We will be ordering 30 more iPads in the new year half of them going to year two the other half into a small year four class. This will take a us up to 100 iPads. They are impacting on learning… there will be more


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