It has continued to be a hectic but exciting few weeks at Casllwchwr. We have continued to mentor Seaview Primary and I have been there myself to work alongside the lovely staff and pupils as part of the LIFE project. I am currently also working with our whole cluster (Penyrheol) where we are sharing good practice and also having a Teachmeet and pupil meet from all of the schools. A celebration day for all of the schools and their communities has been booked and it is an exciting time for all where sharing is at its best!

New apps have been integrated in the classroom and our staff have been given further opportunities to enhance their 21st Century Digital skills:the developing programme we have for staff with 6 key areas.

Learning has continued to be enhanced in numerous ways and I thought I would share some of the REALLY exciting ways we are continuing to promote engagement. We have used QR codes for a long time at Casllwchwr where displays are brought to life. We have used them to create book trails and numeracy trails, places of interest and importance in a geographical area and in many other ways throughout foundation phase and KS2. We wanted to explore other avenues of doing this and are now using the AURASMA application which is free!

Our village, Loughor has a rich history and so we have many old photographs around the school which we do find the children looking at. We have created AURAS for these and placed an iPod on the display where the AURAS are. Children can pick up an iPod and look at the AURASMA icon and learn even more. Children can also explain how they have created their work and the processes involved when solving problems creating that piece. It may be that a video of the children role playing a scripted piece they have written or a poem to support a topic is filmed. This is then uploaded to AURASMA. The iPad or iPod is then used to take a photograph on the display which when scanned, the movie appears. Have a look at the ones below. Pleased to say that it it so easy for the children to also create Auras that they are now taking ownership of classroom displays that no longer (let’s face it) become wall paper to some children- but now become a totally LIVING wall. How exciting! Bringing Learning to Life!

By Sarah Reece (Deputy Head at Casllwchwr)


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