Well in Alexandra we have decided that iPad is the way we are going to support all the subjects in school, and at this time of year when schools are aware of how much money they have left, we are among many schools spending.

We have ordered another set of 30 iPads and a tabcabby trolley which holds 32 iPads.

We will be ordering 3 Apple Tv’s and 42″ televisions to go with them.

We will also be ordering another 32 iPads for Year 2.

This in total will give us 131 iPads. I say this not to boast about our expenditure but more to point out that we have realised that iPad is the present and the future. The ability children have to access a world of tools, like the internet, dictionaries, educational games and apps that create is incredible. They can access these quickly because we keep our iPads on the tables. We don’t have iPad time. We have learning time and the iPad is another tool we use to help us in that learning.

Furthermore, gone are the days when we have to wait for our time in the computer suite. ICT is hardly taught anymore (apart from skills for the little children) it’s used in other lessons.

So currently we are downloading apps onto the teacher iPads. They’ve been asked to download iMovie, Explain Everything and Book creator and then the rest is up to them.

I’m quite quickly realising that less is more in terms of apps. I think people should be made aware of the wide range of apps so they can find ones that suit their needs; however in terms of what you actually end up using, you’ll probably find you use a core set in school. I work with around 5 – 10 apps most days and others get opened occasionally. These apps tend to be ones that allow me to create rather than consume; like Book creator (I love this app) which I can use in every subject, for children but also as an assessment tool.

If you haven’t gone iPad yet, then get to a school who’s using them. Contact me or Casllwchwr and get in for a visit and see for yourself the possibilities and potential they hold for you and your learners.


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